Ole Ziger

Ole Ziger

1940 -, Denmark



A self-taught artist, with a background in advertising, Ole Ziger has a love of all things Americana (vintage cars, cartoon figures, Coca-Cola ads, Palm Beach etc.).  After spending 1972-1983 in New York, a hub of artistic experimentation at the time, he became heavily influenced by Pop Art and popular culture.


Ole Ziger’s style has a distinct sense of style and humor, often placing well-known cartoon figures in unexpected settings, in the middle of Times Square or in the backseat of a Chevrolet. Ziger possesses a unique grasp of painting the hyper-real. His paintings are executed with a striking sense of detail and realism, but the colours are more like a scene in a cartoon or vintage billboard ads.

Donald Duck in Venice Beach (2018)
Oil on Canvas, 97x190 cm.

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Ole Ziger


Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen 1971
Kunstbygning, Samsø 2001
The Morisson Gallery, New York
Gallery 74, New York
Top Marques Monaco, 2018


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