En gave der varer hele livet

Kunsten at forære kunst som gave. På denne aften præsenterer vi
et selektivt udvalg som passer til ethvert budget.

Wednesday, November 13th at 6PM, Galerie Birch, Palægade 5, København K


Galerie Birch was founded in 1946 by Børge Birch, a leading European art dealer who was renowned for his work with artists from the CoBrA movement, such as Jorn, Alechinsky, Appel, Corneille and Reinhoud. Galerie Birch is also reputed for our collaboration with other artists who were friends of Jorn, including Walasse Ting, Voss, Messagier, Bengt Lindström, Yasse Tabuchi and many more whose works can now be found in some of the world’s major museums.

Galerie Birch is the oldest contemporary art gallery in Denmark.

Please visit Galerie Birch at Palægade 5 in Central Copenhagen.

If you are interested in selling your artwork, please check the We-Buy-Art section or contact us at mail@galeriebirch.com.

More and more banks introduce negative interest on Deposits...
                                                                        ... does that include you?

An alternative to Bank Deposits can be to invest in shares, bonds, even crypto currency. But we aware there are always risks connected to all investments.

Why not instead invest in something that will give you joy every day?
An original painting, a piece of ceramics or a sculpture will please your eyes every day, and will be admired by your guests.

Art is not a solid investment. There are no guarantees that your art will increase it's value over time, but when you buy art you like, you will benefit from it every day. And in most cases, good art will keep it's value and become worth more.

At Gallerie Birch we recommend you to place your money in art, and we are very happy to give you all the help and advise you may need.

Please visit Galerie Birch in Palægade 5 and have a talk with Georgina Søndergaard or Anette Birch.


Palægade 5

DK - 1261 Copenhagen K

P   +45 3311 1652

M   mail@galeriebirch.com


Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 5pm

Saturday: 11am - 3pm

Or by appointment



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