Lise Honoré

Lise Honoré

1940 -, Denmark



Lise Honoré is an autodidact artist, and originally educated as a sign and house painter. After her education and training she gets a job in an advertising company, where her job is to manufacture different kind of boxes. Her dedicated direction towards art takes place in 1971 where she attains her first ceramic workshop. Clay becomes her starting point, and appears to be an accessible and manageable material in the beginning. Her intention is to create items which are meant to be used. But she soon starts working with clay in other ways.

Honore is already a dominant figure in the art-environment of Copenhagen by the early 1970s. She has several solo-exhibitions and from 1972 she becomes a member of the artist group ”GYRR.” At her first exhibitions she shows ordinary everyday objects (plastic bags etc.) created in stoneware, which at first sight looks to be made out of cardboard or plastic.


“Trefoldigheden” 1971
Galeri Olsen, Fredericia 1971
Stensalen i Kunstindustrimuseet 1971
Galleri Konstgården, Helsingborg 1972
Galerie Birch 1975, 1977, 1979, 1986, 1988
Form Design Center, Malmø 1977
Galleri Hasenborg og Leckband, Berlin 1982
Varmegalleriet 1995
Galleriet, Ikast 1994/1996
Galerie Birch 1996, Jubilæumsudstilling 25 år
Det Danske Kulturinstitut, Damascus, 2004
Galleri Focus, Thorshavn Færøerne 2005
Møstings Hus 2006
Galerie Birch 2011


Arbejdslegat fra Statens Kunstfond 1981, 1985, 1990 og 1998
Akademiet for de skønne Kunster 1975/1977
American Scandinavian Foundation 1978
Knud Højgaards Fond 1985
Det Danske Kulturinstitut, Damascus 2002
Ny Carlsbergfondet 2004
Anna Munch 2006
Jyllands-Postens Fond: Legatbolig i Berlin 2013
Kulturstyrelsen 2013