Albert Bitran

Albert Bitran

1931 -, Istanbul, Turkey

Sculptor, Graphical Artist


At 17, Albert Bitran leaves his hometown of Istanbul to study architecture in Paris. Inspired by this vibrant art mecca of Europe, he shortly after abandons his studies in order to devote himself to the arts.

As a young man of 20, he has his first solo exhibition at the prestigious Galerie Arnaud, where he exhibits his geometrically inspired paintings. In 1954 he exhibits at Galerie Denise René, where he meets writer and patron Henri-Pierre Rochée, who writes the preface for the catalogue. Rochée is deeply engaged in the artistic avant-garde, and quickly takes the young artist under his wing.

In 1958 Bitran officiallt becomes a French citizen and begins to experiment with a more liberated, expressive style, where his art is characterised by the interaction between linear shapes. The works are inspired by lyrical prize and contains architectural elements. He exhibits several times at Galerie Ariel, who’s prominent owner Jean Pollack shows a great interest in abstract painting.

Bitran becomes a French citizen in 1958, and creates a printing workshop in Rigny-le-Ferron. Through this he begins to work with various graphic techniques, in particular etching and lithography. Bitran has his first exhibit with Galerie Birch in 1961. This is Bitran’s first show in Scandinavia, of which there are numerous in the following years; 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1974, 1979 and 1983.

Today, his work is represented at leading galleries and museums worldwide.

Composition Polychrome (1981)

Oil on canvas, 100x140 cm.


Contemporary Art Society, London
Moderne museum og grafiske samling, Salzburg
Geemente Museum, Holland
Museum of Rhodes Island, USA
Foundation for graphic art, Los Angeles
Istanbul Museum, Turkey
Contemporary Art Society, Oslo


Randers Kunstmuseum
KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
Statens Museum for Kunst