Ole Ziger

Ole Ziger

1940 - 2016, Denmark



A self-taught artist, with a background in advertising, Ole Ziger has a love of all things Americana (vintage cars, cartoon figures, Coca-Cola ads, Palm Beach etc.).  After spending 1972-1983 in New York, a hub of artistic experimentation at the time, he became heavily influenced by Pop Art and popular culture.


Ole Ziger’s style has a distinct sense of style and humor, often placing well-known cartoon figures in unexpected settings, in the middle of Times Square or in the backseat of a Chevrolet. Ziger possesses a unique grasp of painting the hyper-real. His paintings are executed with a striking sense of detail and realism, but the colours are more like a scene in a cartoon or vintage billboard ads.

Donald Duck in Venice Beach (2018)
Oil on Canvas, 97x190 cm.


Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen 1971
Kunstbygning, Samsø 2001
The Morisson Gallery, New York
Gallery 74, New York
Top Marques Monaco, 2018