Galerie Birch Pop Up show: 54, Shepherd Market. London

Yasse Tabuchi - Spring Symphony - March 28-31

The gallery in Copenhagen will be closed during this time


Galerie Birch is the oldest modern art gallery in Denmark, located at Palægade 5 in Central Copenhagen.

The gallery was founded in 1946 by Børge Birch, a leading European art dealer who was renowned for his work with artists from the CoBrA movement, such as Asger Jorn, Pierre Alechinsky, Karel Appel, Corneille and Reinhoud. Galerie Birch is also reputed for our collaboration with other artists who were friends of Jorn, including Walasse Ting, Jan Voss, Jean Messagier, Bengt Lindström, Yasse Tabuchi and many more whose works can now be found in some of the world’s major museums.

If you have artworks by the aforementioned artists which you are interested in selling, please check the We Buy Art section or contact us at mail@galeriebirch.com.

Please note, that we are currently not accepting artist submissions.


Profondment Structure (1964)

60x80 cm - Décollage on board


Land und Leute (1972)

61x50 cm - Oil on canvas

Galerie Birch is the oldest family owned gallery in Copenhagen with operations dating back to 1946.

Alongside contemporary painting and sculpture, the gallery specializes in artists of the Cobra movement, and offers an exclusive selection of work by important artists of the mid-20th century.